Materials Price Increases

It almost seems as if a person can’t win. The virus has caused havoc and now again, we have multiple notices from our vendors and subs letting us know prices are increasing 10-20%. The reasons range from extreme weather and commodity prices, to labor costs. We know these factors are playing in because we experience them too. This is the 2nd big bump in pricing in just about a year. Similarly fuel prices have increased and never did decline as much as expected for so much surplus to be had elsewhere.

I mention this simply to communicate some of the hurdles Orcas Excavators faces. We are always looking for solutions and have done a lot of purchasing recently to stave off the inevitable. We continue to look for quality pipe, fittings, and materials at the best price possible. We have purchased a truck that will travel on the ferry for the price of a passenger vehicle yet haul more weight and volume than a standard pickup. And, of course we continue to buy in volume to reduce prices.

We share the results of our efforts with you and will continue to look for other strategies to mitigate the challenges and expenses of construction in the San Juan Islands.